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" Everybody should be in favour of each one,
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Late Padmashree
Dr. Krutartha Acharya.

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     The handloom textile secures a place of pride in the history of ancient crafts and culture of Orissa. But during the period of British regime in India, the handloom industries in the country suffered a serious blow and was about to sink due to imposition of a number of restrictions on the handloom activities in the country by the British rulers to create better market of their mill made fabrics in India manufactured in their country.

     At the time of this critical juncture Padmashree Dr.Krutarth Acharya came forward for rescue of the poor weavers of western region of Orissa. In order to protect their skill and interest in the trade and to preserve, improve and propagate the traditional Handloom Ikat started a private entrepreneur of his own in the year 1930 in the name ‘Sambalpuri Bastralaya’. Latter on with a noble intention for greater improvement of the socio-economic condition of a large mass of weavers of western Orissa he formed a Co-operative Institution in the name and style ‘Sambalpuri Bastralaya Handloom Cooperative Society Limited’ in the year 1954. Eventually it is now the largest of its kind in the state and the country as well.

     Sambalpuri Bastralaya has been functioning since with its work ethics of providing regular employment to a large mass of weaver artisans under the sector and thereby to uplift their socio-economic condition. The society has been a promising one which guarantees the livelihood of a large number of weavers from backward classes,schedule cast,schedule tribe and women community of the society in the state. In this region it is the largest sector which provides self-employment opportunity after agriculture. Since its inception it has been working as a production cum sale society by regularly supplying inputs, providing technical know how as well as marketing support under a cooperative framework.

    Orissa occupies a place of pride with its exquisite Handloom fabrics. Orissa has a rich tradition in Handlooms and its products, especially “IKAT” or Tie & Dye fabrics, known as “Bandha” in Orissa are recognized all over the country and abroad for their highly artistic designs, colour combination and durability. Handlooms in Orissa provide maximum employment next to agriculture.

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